Capsule Sighting Over Dusk's End

BREAKING NEWS. We've heard reports of unidentified objects hovering above the horizon from passer-byes over the hills of Dusk's End.

My dog suddenly started to howl uncontrollably.

Said Derek, who was walking Donut out when he saw the floating objects. Derek isn't alone. A whole crowd gathered to look at picturesque landscape. At the scene, m15o added:

The capsules looked magnificent, like fireflies

So what are Capsules exactly? We've asked our internal expert, Casper, who's been studying Capsules at the Nightfall University.

Capsules come directly from the Gemini Space. A dimension where the laws of physics are simple. Anyone can build and throw in space their own capsule in the Gemini Space. A capsule is much more about substance than it is about appearance. But more than anything, a capsule is about the Capsuleer that's inside.

Let's thank Casper for the explanations. At The Nightfall Times, we always make sure to appoint experts to make the information more digestible.

We're thrilled to welcome these new Capsuleers in Nightfall City! Let's learn a little more about them.

Szczezuja joined Main Street

In Szczezuja capsule, there's always a good thing to learn about the small net and the way we can interact with other protocols.

Brewed joined Main Street

Brewed opened his Arcade on Main Street, a few streets away from the Midnight.

Idiomdrottning joined Dusk's End

Texts, essays, and a good amount of lisp!

Locrian joined Writer's Lane

We might not be in november yet, but you are when you go to Locrian's page.

smolZINE joined Writer's Lane

A lovely gemini magazine settled in the neighborhood.

Welcome all to Nightfall City!