Cookie Shop Owner's Interview

This cookie shop [1] from accross the street on Writer's Lane is everything I (or shall I say *we*, at Nightfall Times) love about shops. It starts with the smell of chocolat and cookie dough slowly rising in the oven. The shop's simple "Cookie Shop" facade makes it clear about what we'll find inside. And the menu is to the point.

[1]: Cookie Shop

As Writer's Lane is welcoming new citizens, we've decided to interview the cookie shop owner, Owen. Owen has kindly accepted. Below is the interview.

Hi Owen, thanks for your time!

Hi everyone, thanks for having me,

When did you arrive to Nightfall City?

As far as I remember, I arrived a few weeks ago. I was at a point in my life where I needed a fresh start. If you know me, you'll know I'm rather passionate about what I do. In this case cookies. And I couldn't keep up with the passion without starting my life-long goal: a cookie shop.

Why Writer's Lane?

I've always felt close to creative people. I think writing and baking are similar in so many aspects. While baking I use ingredients to create a cookie. The cookie brings emotions and reminds memories to whoever eats it. Writers bake with words an create a story. That's why Writer's Lane felt at home. I'm also excited to see more and more people joining the district.

How did you discover cookies?

Oof. Like most of us, browsing the early web. I didn't really look for them. They found me. I got hooked to the taste of cookies and I wanted to eat more and more. How could I stop? Early cookies where small and easy to eat. I realized that this was what I loved.

How do you see cookies evolve?

Most of the cookies I find today are so far from what I love. They're heavy, full of questionable ingredients. They crumble so easily when we carry them. They don't taste so good at all. When you eat a cookie everyone knows about you, it's almost like you leave a trail of crumbs wherever you go. They are hard to get rid off too. In fact, cookies are so terrible now that whenever you enter a cookie store, they ask you if you are certain you want to get their cookies. How bad has it become?! So to answer your question: the way I want cookies to evolve is to make them light, simple, and crumble-less. That's why I created my Cookie Shop. The trend in making cookies bigger isn't healthy.

Are you thinking about opening your shop in other districts as well?

I don't think so! I want to focus on my small shop. But I surely hope people from everywhere come and try some of our cookies. Speaking of which, I've just released a new recipe, the Writer's Biscuit. Come try it!

Thanks Owen, and we hope this little interview got you in the mood for some cookies. Writer's Lane is experiencing an interesting growth in population, so let's welcome: