Nightfall Times settles next to a cookie shop

Greeting Nightfallers, welcome to the first edition of the Nightfall Times. We've just moved in our new venue at the center of Writer's Lane and we're excited. Perhaps it's because of the bakery that's just accross our office. Some call the smell of those freshly baked cookies temptation, I call it motivation! If you ever that a stroll in this neighorhood, feel free to come say hi!

We're excited to be the city's official newspaper and as such, we've installed a kiosk in every district. It shouldn't be complicated to find the latest edition. We're concious of our environment and every issue comes without javascript, nor cookies. If you do want cookies, refer to the first paragraph and come say hi!

Being a newspaper for a whole city isn't a simple feat. Our mission is to talk about what's happening in Nightfall. The arts, the moods, the weather, but above all, the people. We'll be conducting interviews, linking to articles we enjoy, and give you the possibility to write as well. We opened a mailbox to take submissions on Don't be shy!

Speaking about the city: not one but two citizen have settled recently -- welcome isvarahparamahkrsnah and m15o who joined Main Street and Dusk's End respectively.

Nightfall City